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Freqently Asked Questions:


Is It Necessary To Fly Airplanes Before Learning To Fly Helicopters?


NO! Everything you need to learn will be taught in the helicopter or in ground school.



Do I Need Ground School?


YES! Everyone learning to fly helicopters, whether experienced in airplanes or not, need to attend the helicopter ground school. The class consists of helicopter aerodynamics, performance, limitations, maneuvers, controls, and systems regulations for both airplanes and helicopters. Plus navigation, weather, and all training information necessary to make you a good, safe, and qualified pilot. Ground school is taught one on one with the instructor and the student. You will attend ground school while you complete your flight training.



When Can I Schedule To Fly?


You can schedule your flight lessons whenever you want to fly! The instructors and helicopters are available seven days a week during the daylight hours. Night flights are available after your night flight checkout.



How Do I Pay For My Lessons?


Most of our students open an account and leave enough money in it to cover three to four lessons. If you prefer you may pay after each lesson



What Type Of License Is Right For Me?


If you want to fly by yourself, or with friends and family you will need a Private Pilot's License. This will enable you to take someone flying with you or to travel around. If you are interested in being employed as a helicopter pilot or co-pilot, you will need a Commercial Pilot's License. You may start out with a private license and then work towards your commercial license, or you may start working for the commercial license right away.



What Will It Cost To Obtain My Helicopter License?


The cost will depend on which course you choose, please call us to discuss which program is best for you.



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